As part of the framework of the Biodiversity Bill, which establishes mechanisms to halt and prevent biodiversity loss in the national territory, the third round of public hearings took place

The hearing was led by Senator Nicolas Echeverry, with the support of ICCF Colombia, Conservation International Colombia, Corporation for the Sustainable Development of Urabá (CORPOURABA), and active participation from members of the Colombian Conservation and Oceans Caucus in the Apartado-Necocli region.

Attendees included HR Felipe Gomez; Victor Tovar, Secretary of the House of Representatives; Jose Perea, Director of the Green Business Office of the Ministry of Environment; Vanessa Paredes, Director of CORPOURABA; Greenland Foundation; universities; the private sector; and members of the community.

The #SOSBiodiversity Route agenda featured an intersectoral dialogue with the participation of the BioTank Corporation to identify challenges and opportunities associated with the Biodiversity Bill for the region. Additionally, inputs were gathered to enhance the effectiveness of this legislation. Subsequently, the delegation visited the region, engaging in discussions with green business entrepreneurs to comprehend their needs and contribute to improving access to the national market.

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