Political Will: The Caucus Model

The ICCF Group works to build political will through the establishment and development of legislative caucuses, informal groups of members of a particular legislative body, centered around issues of conservation governance. Learn More...

In the Field: International Conservation Corps

Made up of experienced veterans from U.S. and Canadian land management agencies, our International Conservation Corps complement our work with policymakers on a range of conservation issues. Learn More...

ICCF Partnership & The Conservation Council

Global businesses, NGOs, and bilateral and multilateral development organizations have joined the ICCF Conservation Council to partner with government on conservation and development initiatives. Learn More...

What Makes Us Different

The ICCF Group recognizes governance as an essential and underaddressed component in modern conservation efforts. To address this gap, it builds and supports successful legislative caucuses around the world to provide education and build political will around unifying topics of natural resource management. Our programs engage political decision makers in the United States and partner nations, facilitate the development of innovative public-private conservation partnerships, and deploy top conservation professionals from U.S. and Canadian government agencies to share their expertise.

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Balancing Conservation & Development

The ICCF Group’s Natural Resource Wealth Management™ approach provides a framework for countries to cultivate their natural resource assets in a way that supports long-term growth, promotes conservation of biodiversity & habitat, and ensures the improved livelihoods of future generations. The ICCF Group engages legislatures and government in:

  • Improved Conservation and Development Laws and Policies
  • Public-Private Partnership Development
  • Private Stakeholder Involvement
  • Community Engagement
  • Implementation through Multilateral, Regional, National, and Local Agencies

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