Our Mission

To Advance Conservation Governance by Building Political Will, Providing On-the-Ground Solutions.

Our Vision

A World Where People and Nature Sustain and Nurture One Another.

In PictureU.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), Co-Chair of the U.S. Congressional Oceans Caucus.

The ICCF Group and Legislatures

How the Caucus Model is Transforming Conservation Governance Around the World:

As a nonprofit organization on the global political stage, the ICCF Group is breaking ground, empowering hundreds of parliamentarians to reach across the aisle and sponsor legislation that, while covering a wide range of issues, shares a common purpose: To strengthen a country’s legislative framework in a manner that isn’t exclusively good for the planet, but for economies and local communities as well.

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In PictureHon. Putu Supadma Rudana, Vice-Chairperson of the Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation of the Indonesian House of Representatives, addresses participants at a briefing co-hosted by the ICCF Group to address marine debris in SouthEast Asia.

The ICCF International Conservation Corps Program

The ICCF Group provides expertise to help partner nations develop protected-area, wildlife management, and conservation strategies.

International Conservation Corps team members are veterans of U.S. and Canadian government agencies, and each member has decades of practical experience managing national parks, wildlife, forests, and water.

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In PicturePark ranger presenting to a team of experts from the International Conservation Corps, at the Lomas de Lachay trails in Peru.

Colombian Senator Germán Blanco

We Build Political Will,

The ICCF Group advances leadership in conservation by building political will among parliamentary and congressional leaders, and by supporting ministries in the management of protected areas.

In PictureSenator Germán Blanco, Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the two conservation-driven caucuses in the Colombian Congress.

Catalyzing Change with Knowledge and Expertise,

We support political will to conserve natural resources by catalyzing strategic partnerships and knowledge sharing between policymakers and our extensive network.

In PictureParliamentarians gathered in Washington, D.C. to coordinate conservation policies on a regional scale.

To Preserve the World's Most Critical Landscapes.

Legislative outcomes, public-private partnerships, & land management demonstrate our model is a cost-effective, sustainable solution to conservation governance challenges.

In PictureMembers of Congress in Mexico on a field mission highlighting conservation-driven practices that preserve and advance the livelihoods of indigenous communities in the region.

Our People

The ICCF Group oversees a staff of 50+ coordinating, supporting, and advancing the mission of elected officials who set aside partisan politics and collaborate in establishing, defining, and growing parliamentary groups known as Conservation Caucuses.

Our team is dedicated to advancing conservation governance around the world, in the United States and the partner countries whose ideals and values underpin and reinforce democracies and the free market enterprise.

John B. GanttPresident & CEO
Susan LylisExecutive Vice President
Clare FalconeChief of Staff
Jaime CavelierVice President of Strategic Partnerships
Keith AlgerVice President of Global Strategy
Donnell RoyVice President of Global Development
Frederic BrizziVice President of Communications
Todd KoeningsInternational Conservation Corps Executive Director
Bill MillanDirector of Global Policy
Billy LawrenceDirector of Finance
Katherine BrantleyInternational Grants Manager
Carolyn WeisU.S. Oceans Caucus Foundation Director
Roy HowellU.S. Policy Advisor
Jill BarasaICCF Africa Program Director
James WardICCF Indonesia Country Director
Ana CubillosICCF Colombia Country Director
Eleonora ArandaICCF Mexico Country Director
Fiorella SuarezICCF Peru Country Director
Enrique MolasFOLUR Paraguay

ICCF U.S. Board of Directors

Hon. John Tanner M.C. (ret.)Chairman
John Basil GanttPresident
Hon. Connie Mack IV, M.C. (ret.)
Vance G. Martin
Hon. Allen Boyd, M.C. (ret.)
Hon. Ed Royce, M.C. (ret.)

The ICCF Group Board of Directors

David H. BarronChairman
Zachary I. Manis, President
Mark Green
William Bennett, Esq.
Clare S. Falcone
Susan H. Lylis
HIH Ermis Sahle Selassie
William F. Stiers


The ICCF Group

Audited Financials 2022 2021 2020 Financial Year 2022 Form 990 2021 2020

The ICCF Group coordinates the strategy, administration, and activities of ICCF offices around the world and is led by a Board of Directors with input from our advisory Board of Governors. The ICCF Group advances leadership in international conservation through public and private partnerships, and by raising conservation awareness among policymakers.

The International Conservation Caucus Foundation (ICCF)

Audited Financials 2022 2021 2020
2022 Financial Year Form 990 2021 2020

ICCF is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit educational foundation located in Washington, D.C., which acts as secretariat to the leadership of the bipartisan U.S. Congressional International Conservation Caucus, made up of more than 1/3 of the U.S. Congress. ICCF convenes a council of leading business and NGO partners who educate these policymakers on innovative solutions to conservation challenges. The organization has its own Board of Directors and coordinates with our other nonprofit organizations throughout Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia, so as to make the global operation run as effectively as possible.

Map Legend

Legislative Caucus supported by the ICCF Group

hqRegional Headquarters

The ICCF Model

Now supporting 20+ nonpartisan groups across the globe, the ICCF Group advances nonpartisan leadership in conservation by building political will among parliamentary leaders while supporting the management of protected areas through its International Conservation Corps programs.

Legislative outcomes, public-private partnerships, and land management resulting from our work demonstrate our model provides cost-effective and resilient solutions to the most pressing conservation challenges faced by governments today.

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