April 25, 2018

Declaration of Bogotá: Latin American Legislators Pledge Action for Forest Conservation

A group of legislators from Colombia, Mexico, and Peru have unanimously adopted and signed the Declaration of Bogotá, an agreement regarding the role of legislators in the promotion and management of sustainable forestry.

These legislators, each a member of his or her country’s respective conservation caucus, adopted the Declaration following a series of technical workshops hosted by The ICCF Group in Bogotá from April 24-26 about forest policies and the value of forests for sustainable development, biodiversity, and climate mitigation. By signing the Declaration of Bogotá, legislators recognized the vital role forests play in sustainable development and have agreed to “work within the legislative field to continue advancing these themes from and within [their] respective countries.”

Workshops held over three days in Bogotá gave legislators the opportunity to hold an open dialogue on forest policy with stakeholders in the private sector, civil society, and government ministries. Topics for these workshops included: the advances and potential of REDD strategies, chaired by Peruvian congressman Miguel Angel Torres; the relevancy of forests to sustainable development, biodiversity, and climate mitigation, chaired by Mexican Senator Marcela Maria Garcia, president of the committee on climate change of the Mexican Senate; and open dialogue, chaired by Andres Avila, Executive Director of the Mexican group Politics and Environmental Legislation (POLEA). Dr. David Kaimowitz, Director for Natural Resources and Climate Change at the Ford Foundation, also presented on successes in community management of forest resources.

Read the full, original text of the Declaration of Bogotá below.

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