October 24, 2018

Peru Conservation Caucus Analyzes Illegal Fishing

On October 1st, the Peruvian Conservation Caucus and ICCF held a roundtable discussion on the illegal fishing, focusing on important challenges and opportunities in fighting illegal fishing in Latin America and the role of policymakers. The panel discussed the negative impacts of illegal fishing on communities and localities. Participants also had the opportunity to learn about tools available that may help control and patrol fisheries, including the short- and long-term benefits of these technologies.

Peru's marine-coastal ecosystems face a series of challenges and pressures that limit the sustainable use of marine resources and the availability of the services they provide to society. However, with technological advancement and the implementation of systems that allow for the detection of illicit maritime, the country can more effectively regulate illegal fishing in its waters. The Ministry of the Environment has further indicated that one of its strategic objectives is to reduce pressures on marine-coastal ecosystems by strengthening preventive actions, monitoring, control, and surveillance of the activities that impact them, adopting pertinent measures and effective sanctions.

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