May 17, 2018

Colombian Congress Hosts Training Workshop on Sustainable Development and Conservation

The President of the Senate, the Center for High Legislative Studies (CAEL), and ICCF Colombia are hosting a series of training workshops to strengthen the understanding of sustainable development and conservation in the Colombian Congress.

On May 17th, members of the Colombian Congress met for the first workshop in this series, focused on protected areas management. Experts from Colombia’s National Parks (PNN), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and Conservation and Carbon provided an overview on the state of natural resources and mechanisms for sustainable development.

Carlos Mario Tamayo, Vice President of Sustainability and Environmental Affairs at PNN, emphasized the importance of protected areas and discussed initiatives to improve their financial sustainability. María Ximena Barrera, Director of Policy at WWF Colombia, explained how the Colombian Heritage Program, a model that has been successful in countries like Brazil and Costa Rica, is working to secure financial sustainability of national parks.

Luis Germán Naranjo, Director of Conservation at WWF Colombia, presented “Viva Colombia 2017,” an analysis of the state of Colombian ecosystems by leading Colombian research institutions. The tool articulates the value of natural resources and provides recommendations for their proper management.

The second workshop in this training series will focus on initiatives for potable water.

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