Solutions in Congress

The ICCF Group is working in governments and on the ground in Latin America to advance leadership and build capacity to manage natural resources, including in parks and protected areas. The ICCF Group has facilitated the establishment of congressional conservation caucuses in Colombia, Peru, and Mexico and is collaborating with each of these coalitions of policymakers to provide them with comprehensive information and innovative solutions on issues of natural resource management. Equipped with objective information, these Members of Congress can make informed decisions and lead the way in forming sound, nonpartisan, conservation policies that benefit their respective nations.

On October 1st, the Peruvian Conservation Caucus and ICCF held a roundtable discussion on the illegal fishing, focusing on important challenges and opportunities in fighting illegal fishing in Latin America…
The President of the Senate, the Center for High Legislative Studies (CAEL), and ICCF Colombia are hosting a series of training workshops to strengthen the understanding of sustainable development and…
Members of the Colombian Oceans Caucus are learning firsthand the challenges facing Colombia’s oceans and coastal ecosystems. Caucus members recently visited Rosario National Reef and San Bernardo to observe conditions…
The ICCF Group and ICCF Peru, on March 15-17, led a multi-party delegation of members of the Peruvian Conservation Caucus on a field mission to the Amazonian city of Tarapoto…
The Mexican Conservation Parliamentary Group (GPCM, the Caucus), ICCF Mexico and POLEA carried out a field mission from January 17th to 19th to enable legislators to learn first-hand the importance…
ICCF Colombia convened a roundtable to discuss the importance of the ratification of several multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) for sustainable development in Colombia.
With the leadership of the Oceans Caucus Co-Chair and Vice-Chair of the Senate's Fifth Committee Daira Galvis, an ICCF Breakfast was held for members of the Conservation Caucus, the Oceans…
The Secretary General of the Senate of the Republic, along with representatives of the Center of Research and High Legislative Studies and the International Conservation Caucus Foundation (ICCF), presented the…
On September 5, the Mexican Conservation Parliamentary Group, ICCF Mexico, the Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources of the Senate of the Republic of Mexico (CMARN), the Organization for…
The Peruvian Conservation Caucus (CCP); the Committee on Andean, Amazon, and Afroperuvian Villages, Environment, and Ecology; the Peruvian Society on Environmental Rights (SPDA); and The ICCF Group serving as Secretary…
With the support of ICCF Colombia, the Oceans Caucus of Colombia carried out the first Congressional Field Mission to Tayrona's National Park.
A new platform for cross-sectional conversation has been established with the support of the ICCF to promote the development of well-informed policies and legislation.

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