July 27, 2018

Colombian Congress Approves Law for Management of Páramos Ecosystems

The Congress of the Republic of Colombia has approved legislation regulating activities in and around the páramos in order to manage in an effective way the restoration and sustainable use of these integral ecosystems. In an effort to make the National Parks of Colombia (PNN) more financially sustainable, this legislation also includes a provision that would allow for funds to be transferred from the electricity sector to PNN.

Located at altitudes between 3100 and 5000 meters above sea level, the páramos are primarily found in three countries, and about half of the territory they comprise is in Colombia. The páramos are essential for the provision of water resources in cities like Bogotá and are a valuable ecosystem for the conservation of the country's biodiversity.

The leadership of HS Daira Galvis Méndez, Co-President of the Conservation Caucus and of the Oceans Caucus, along with the participation of HS Manuel Guillermo Mora, Guillermo Garcia Realpe, Luis Emilio Sierra Grajales, and Jorge Enrique Robledo, was key to the approval of this law. In the House of Representatives, the leadership of Caucus Co-Chairs Carlos Guevara and Nicolás Echeverri should likewise be recognized The bill also garnered support from the National Government and civil society organizations like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

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