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Strengthening the world's resources. For all of us who live in it.

The ICCF Group is an umbrella organization that works to advance conservation governance by building political support, providing on-the-ground solutions, and applying a natural resource wealth management™ framework to sustainably develop and manage the earth’s natural resources.

The ICCF Group has identified governance as an underaddressed aspect in conservation and thus the limiting factor when it comes to creating positive and sustainable solutions to issues involving natural resources. We facilitate a collaborative environment where governments, businesses, and the NGO community can come together and develop market-based approaches that incorporate the value of nature and sustainable management practices into the use of natural resources.

The ICCF Group applies a caucus model to build political will around unifying topics of conservation and natural resource management.

A caucus is a group of supporters or members within a Parliament or Congress who share a similar position or concern about an issue. We use caucuses as a forum through which education and policy formulation on key natural resource management issues take place. ICCF U.S., ICCF Colombia, and ICCF Kenya are the secretariats which support caucuses in these respective countries. The ICCF Group also directly supports other caucuses in Mexico, Namibia, Peru, Tanzania, and Zambia..

Striking a Balance: Conservation Governance

At The ICCF Group, we believe in a simple principle: In order for conservation measures to be
supported and embraced by people, they must provide real benefits to people.

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About the Founder

Meet David H. Barron, American conservationist who worked to support the launch of the U.S. International Conservation Caucus (ICC) and recruit members from both sides of the aisle for the House and Senate.


Board of Governors

Meet the business and community leaders, philanthropists, and conservationists who value and support The ICCF Group’s Natural Resource Wealth Management™ approach.


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