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ICCF Kenya works to build political will, improve policies, and enhance judicial frameworks for conserving wildlife and combating wildlife crime across ten countries in Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa.
ICCF Zambia supports the ZPCC by identifying highest-priority concerns related to Zambia's natural resource challenges and recommending innovative, market-driven policy solutions for the 21st century.
A growing collaboration of leaders from Malawi's business and NGO sectors who support and guide the MPCC with sound information and solutions to Malawi's natural resource management challenges.
Working with business leaders, NGOs, and development institutions in Botswana to support and guide the BOCOPAC in developing innovative, market-based solutions to Botswana’s environmental and economic development challenges.

The ICCF Group works with participating caucuses to address pressing conservation issues by facilitating legislative and political outcomes and achieving on-the-ground results.

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