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The lack of governance and management has created conservation and development in opposition to one another.

The ICCF Group’s strategy lends a solution to preventing mismanagement of natural resources by engaging policymakers within their respective countries to successfully govern their natural resources. Conservation governance is a major factor in prudent and sustainable management of national natural resource wealth. The ICCF Group focuses on improving governance of natural resource wealth management in a way that reinforces conservation and development and leads to resilient economies and ecosystems.

The increase in global population and development continue to affect and utilize earth’s resources at an alarming rate.

Economic growth is an important and necessary goal of every country. However, irresponsible management of resources can result in imprudent development resulting in costly and often avoidable environmental degradation. The utilization of earth’s resources will become increasingly prevalent and necessary as the global populations and development continue to rise. Imprudent development and resource use can result in consequences that diminish human health and hamper communities’ ability to seek economic stability and lead to national and regional conflicts.

Much of human progress should account for and minimize resource degradation. Prosperity through development should be harnessed to improve conservation measures.

Balancing Conservation & Development

The ICCF Group’s Natural Resource Wealth Management™ approach provides a framework for countries to cultivate their natural resource assets in a way that supports long-term growth, promotes conservation of biodiversity & habitat, and ensures the improved livelihoods of future generations. The ICCF Group engages legislatures and government in:

  • Natural Resource Conservation and Development Laws

  • Public/Private Partnership Development

  • Private Stakeholder Involvement

  • Community Involvement

  • On-the-Ground Implementation through Multilateral, Regional, National, and Local Agencies

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